WorldWinds, Inc. has 15 years of experience processing and analysis hurricane storm surge produced by the ADCIRC hydrodynamic model for oceanic and coastal waters. WorldWinds has conducted hundreds of thousands of simulations for a host of applications, from pollution transport in the Gulf of Mexico, to sediment transport for wetland replenishment, to hindcast and hypothetical storm surges for hurricane landfalls. These projects have been completed at the behest of private, commercial, and government clients.

Example ADCIRC mesh for Southeast Louisiana
Example ADCIRC mesh for Southeast Louisiana.

WorldWinds has supported numerous external users of ADCIRC by providing expertise in model configuration, code compile optimizations, and model configuration/troubleshooting, including modification to the ADCIRC Fortran code parameters, recompilation, and sensitivity analyzing.

WorldWinds has experience generating nodal attribute data, such as friction and water level data, and wind and pressure forcing data for ADCIRC modeling efforts. An analysis system was developed to use the best available hurricane wind field observation data to generate input wind and pressure forcing at temporal and spatial resolutions appropriate for simulation of past hurricanes.

WorldWinds has maintained close relationships with the model developers and have attended most annual ADCIRC workshops to stay abreast of the latest model developments and improvements.